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We provide solutions in designing, installation, testing and commissioning of above mention systems. We undertake maintenance and reconditioning of fire related systems. We also under take annual maintenance contract for the operational healthiness of systems.

We are active in this field since 1985. We are based at Ankleshwar and our services are extended in Gujarat state. We are having a team of trained staff and experts in design, installation, testing, commissioning, maintenance and trouble shooting of fire related systems.

In addition, we have expertise in Diesel Engine operated fire hydrant pumps installation and maintenance inclusive of expertise in diesel engine and expertise of designing to ultimate execution of FIRE HYDRANT, SPRINKLER, MVWS SPRAY SYSTEM, FOAM POURING SYSTEM, FIRE EXTINGUISHER AND FIRE ALARM AND DETECTION SYSTEM in TOTO. We have authorized dealership of “Minimax” for their all product range.

We also under take fabrication work of other systems, wrapping and coating for process as well as underground piping networks by using different size of coating materials.

We maintain an intensive quality assurance program in all designing and engineering activities, in product manufacture up to start up and all our service offerings.

We are committed to quality which is visible in all our plants and systems being fabricated to high engineering standards. The raw materials, components, sub-systems and systems are subjected to rigorous quality control to ensure that the customer receives the best equipment. If we sight that some aspect of design could benefit from an extra measure with respect to the system strength or capacity, we built it in through proper induction of it to the customer’s understanding.